“Downtown Grand Junction creates a sense of home – this is where we bring our friends when they visit – this is where we take them to show off our community.”

Since 1981, Downtown Grand Junction has been operating under the same Plan of Development, and is currently the oldest plan in the state for a Downtown Development Authority!
A Plan of Development is a guiding document that helps an organization to know the community’s priorities and goals for both the short and long term. With all of the changes and ideas that our community has about what Downtown should be, we were well overdue for an update.

Through this process, we’ve had an overwhelming amount of support, feedback, and participation from community members, business owners, community partners, stakeholders, and downtown enthusiasts – all of whom want to see downtown continue to thrive as the primary gathering space and cultural epicenter for the Grand Valley and continue to provide vibrancy and a sense of place for all.

We’re excited to share this video highlighting the process and some of the potential projects and goals stemming from the Downtown Plan of Development. We’d love to hear your comments below!
A very special thank you to those who participated in this video and to Community Builders for all of the time and effort you’ve put into fostering change in our community.

Music provided by Zolopht.

Full video here.