Photo by Devon Balet

Welcome to The Shift, a new food, art, and social experience in Downtown Grand Junction.

The Shift represents a shift in thinking, reimagining an underdeveloped downtown space into a new, engaging space for community connection and business incubation. Located at the empty lot at 702 Main Street, The Shift is a public / private partnership between the Grand Junction Business Incubator, Kaart, and Downtown Grand Junction (DGJ).

Property owners Kaart, loaned out the lot to DGJ with the task of activating the space with seating, popup events, and food trucks. DGJ designed and provided the infrastructure improvements to the space, including the repurposing of street parklets purchased during the pandemic through a CDOT relief grant.

The business incubator was roped into the project and manages the events at the space. The Shift allows start up businesses and food trucks working through the business incubator the space to try out and grow new business concepts.

“The Shift has been a wonderful project for us at Grand Jun Fermentation,” Sarah Wood, Founder, Grand Jun Fermentation said.

“We are able to engage with our customers in a welcoming outdoor space, share our craft local beverages, and connect with our customers more intimately. This partnership is a great example of how our community can collaborate to reimagine connective outdoors spaces, create more vibrancy downtown, and opportunities for small business all at once.”

Launched in the Fall of 2021 with Thursday night events, The Shift is organically growing into an exciting new downtown destination. Already we’ve seen the space come alive and attract new people to downtown.

Thanks to grants from Colorado Creative Industries and the Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture, GJ Creates ( state certified creative district) built out a temporary mural walk at The Shift. Ten Colorado based artists painted murals for the space, which are currently on display now.

As the weather warms up, look for new activities at The Shift. Site improvements including lighting, signage, and more seating are on the way. Events are also planned through the business incubator, The West Slope Collective of artists, and Mesa County Libraries.

We’re not going to share all our secrets but look for an exciting 2022 lineup! New activations at The Shift will start back up in March!

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