The Downtown Development Authority recently interviewed candidates for the position of DDA Executive Director. During that process the DDA was unable to find a suitable candidate for the position so the selection process has been reopened. Applications will be accepted through the month of July with phone and face-to-face interviews happening in August. The DDA is hopeful that a candidate will be selected by the end of August.

The ideal candidate for the DDA Executive Director will have proven experience and strength in the areas of communication, consensus building and problem solving. Primary responsibilities include:
•Creation and implementation of economic development, housing, redevelopment and marketing strategies for the DDA district.
•Working in partnership with the DDA Board to plan, direct, coordinate and oversee the programs and operations of the DDA.
•Effectively representing the interests of the DDA when partnering with other governmental, commercial and non-profit organizations of the community.
Find additional information and application information on the City of Grand Junction’s Website.
The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was established in 1977 for the purpose of preventing blight and deterioration of property and property values within its district. The primary responsibility of the DDA is to support and facilitate economic development efforts to enhance the downtown community through capital investment. Tax Increment Financing (TIF), approved in 1981, is the primary source of DDA funding.