Q+A: SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks at the Market

The 2022 market season is the 6th year in a row that the Downtown Market on Main has offered those with SNAP benefits to purchase fresh produce, baked goods, and other eligible items directly from Main Street.

We want to answer all of your questions about both SNAP and Double Up before the market season starts, so that you’re ready to buy fresh produce for yourself or your family!


What is SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks?

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) offers nutrition assistance to low-income individuals and families. The Department of Food and Nutrition Service works with the State of Colorado to offer funds for those in need.

The Double Up Food Bucks program doubles the value of SNAP at the market, helping people bring home more healthy fruits and vegetables while supporting local farmers. With this program, more families have access to fruits and vegetables, local farmers gain new customers, and more food dollars stay in the local economy.


How can I use my SNAP and DUFB vouchers at the market?

To use the vouchers at the market, it’s simple! Bring your EBT card to the Downtown booth in front of Rockslide at 4th and Main, and tell the market staff how much from your SNAP account you’d like to spend at the market with your EBT card.

The market staff will swipe your card, and then give you paper SNAP bucks. These bucks can be spent on any eligible food item that isn’t hot and ready at the market.

Then, the staff will match the SNAP bucks $1 for $1 with DUFB, good for Colorado-grown fresh fruits and vegetables. If you spend $5, you get $5, if you spend $10, you get $10! We match up to $20 each time you visit!

Once you have your vouchers, wander Main Street for your fresh produce, eggs, cheese, meat, and other eligible items!

Watch the video below for more information:


Where do I get vouchers?

You will need to bring your EBT card to the Downtown booth, located at 4th and Main in front of Rockslide.


How will I know what vendors accept my vouchers?

Vendors will have signs on their stand indicating what vouchers they can take. Be on the lookout for signs, or ask the vendor!


What can I purchase with SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks vouchers?

With SNAP vouchers, you are able to purchase everything found at a grocery store – fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy, meat, bread, seasonings, etc.

With Double Up Food Bucks, you are able to purchase Colorado-grown fruits and vegetables.


How long are the vouchers good for?

The vouchers you receive at the 2022 Market on Main are good for the entire market season (June 23 – September 8). These vouchers are not eligible for grocery store use. SNAP cannot be used at any other farmer’s market, DUFB may be utilized at other participating Colorado farmer’s markets.


Where can I find more information?

For more information about SNAP, click here.

For more information about DUFB, click here.