The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and the City of Grand Junction are working collaboratively with Bohannon Huston on a 4th Street and 5th Street feasibility study. The purpose of this study is to determine the feasibility of converting 4th Street and 5th Street to two-way traffic as well as exploring other avenues for creating a more pedestrian friendly corridor.    

The study will examine current traffic conditions and solicit community feedback to recommend solutions focused on:

  • Improving neighborhood accessibility 
  • Improving pedestrian safety, walkability, and bikeability
  • Improving economic development
  • Optimizing traffic circulation

The study area limits are from Pitkin Ave (I-70B EB) on the south, to North Ave (US Hwy 6) on the north. The study includes a one-way/two-way feasibility assessment and traffic analysis. The feasibility assessment considers safety, traffic analysis, land use and economic conditions, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, parking, and transit. 

In 1981, the DDA identified the conversion of 4th and 5th Street from one-way to two-way as a goal in its original Plan of Development. In 2013, the City of Grand Junction’s Greater Downtown Plan also called for looking at the configuration of 4th and 5th Street. This was again confirmed as a focus area in the 2019 DDA Plan of Development, and the City’s updated Comprehensive Plan due to continued concerns around safety issues related to this corridor.

Visit the project website.

We need your help! Community feedback is an important part of this process. Visit the project website and share your ideas. You can also share questions or comments by emailing [email protected] or calling (720) 587-2653.

Stay tuned for additional upcoming community engagement opportunities!