First Parklet to Open in Grand Junction
The first Parklet in Grand Junction is set to open Friday, December 1st at 2pm.  The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has partnered with PNCI, Architect Robert Gregg, All Metals Welding and the City of Grand Junction to produce a first-of-its-kind amenity in Downtown Grand Junction.  The DDA worked with PNCI and Architect Robert Gregg to help create a unique placemaking asset for the Downtown community to utilize.  The Parklet is located in front of 132 S. 5th Street near Tacoparty and Roasted.
A Parklet is an extension of the sidewalk over an on-street parking space that serves as a small public park.  Parklets help create areas for people gather or relax in a space that is open and accessible to all and encourages pedestrian activity in the downtown core.  Parklet’s are commonly used in cities throughout Colorado and the U.S. to help create low cost green space that add to the special sense of place that makes downtowns attractive places to live, work and visit.
Come see the opening of the newest amenity in Downtown Grand Junction!  The Parklet will officially open to the public on Friday, December 1st at 2pm.
Date/Time: December 1st at 2pm
Location: Front of 132 S. 5th Street (Tacoparty and Roasted)
Grand Junction, CO 81501