Grand Junction, CO (March 11, 2019) – Getting Downtown and other destinations in the Grand Valley is about to get a lot easier – Beginning March 21, ’The Dash’, a free bus service, will begin for all community members, students, and visitors of the area.

’The Dash’ will run every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 4:15pm to 12:15am, and will be free to all who ride. This service will take riders from Grand Junction Regional Airport, Horizon Drive, Colorado Mesa University, and Downtown to their destination along this route. ‘The Dash’ will run on an existing route of Grand Valley Transit (Route 1), and is made up of 52 total stops along Horizon Drive, 12th Street, Main Street, and the Downtown GVT Transfer Facility.

“The goal of this free service is to connect all who are in the Valley to Downtown and other destinations along the route,” stated Brandon Stam, Downtown Director. “We’re happy to have partnered on this project with all parties involved and are looking forward to seeing the service utilized by residents, students, and tourists.”

This bus service is offered to riders through a partnership involving Downtown Grand Junction, Grand Valley Transit, City of Grand Junction, Colorado Mesa University, Horizon Drive Business Improvement District, and Grand Junction Regional Airport, where the main focus was to provide a convenient and low cost bus route that would connect the community, students, and visitors to popular destinations.

“As campus has grown so have our community partnerships, said CMU President Tim Foster. “Added connectivity between Grand Junction’s airport, the  Horizon Drive corridor, the greater downtown area and CMU, is a huge win for students, visiting parents and downtown businesses.”

Two buses will be consistently covering the route, and with about 54 passengers allowed on each bus, ’The Dash’ will service all who would like to catch a ride to Downtown or anywhere else along the route. You’ll be able to spot these colorful buses as well, as ’The Dash’ will be prominently displayed on the sides of each bus and will look noticeably different than other transit buses in the area.

Get more information on ’The Dash’ and check back on the site for more updates as March 21 nears.