It’s no surprise that Downtown Grand Junction has been named by TripAdvisor Reviewers as one of the ‘Most Charming Downtowns in America’. From dozens of outdoor sculptures and the first outdoor sculpture exhibit of its kind, to all of the events, entertainment, dining, and shopping, Downtown Grand Junction is certainly the place to be.

TripAdvisor stated “With art on most every corner and some in-between, and plenty of interesting shops, pubs, and restaurants, it would be hard to beat a visit to downtown Grand Junction! Take a day to stroll and shop or window-shop the varied and fascinating shops here, eat out-doors and people-watch, or attend one of many cultural events here throughout the year – you won’t regret it! A favorite place to bring out all out-of-town visitors! Plenty of free parking, too!”

The average traveler rating was 4.5/5 stars.

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