DDA Director Contract Ended   

GRAND JUNCTION, CO   November 25, 2015 – The Downtown Development Authority met Tuesday with DDA Director John Schneiger to discuss his service: the Board concluded that it would be in Mr. Schneiger’s and the Board’s mutual interests to end his contract effective December 4, 2015. 

The DDA Board and Mr. Schneiger entered into a contract in October that allowed for an evaluation period to determine if there was a good “fit” between Schneiger and the Board.  Board Chairman Jason Farrington said “it is important for the Board, and for the person in whom we entrust the DDA, that the style and experience of the Director be as good as it can be – John has significant public sector experience but we were not able to offer him what he needed in terms of support staff and other organizational aspects of the job.  Out of fairness to him, the Board concluded that it would be better to end now than to continue and have his and our expectations unmet.  The DDA has lots of challenges before it and it is imperative that we have exactly the right person at the helm – we recognized that in the contract and although not what he had hoped for, the separation is best.  We thank John for the time he was with us and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

DDA Vice-chairman Kirk Granum adds, “A situation such as this is always difficult – John’s separation is not easy but we have a duty to our constituents to make the best decisions we can even if they are as hard as this one was.”

A leadership transition plan will be determined later and information on that plan will be released at that time.

Due to the fact this is a personnel matter, no interviews will be granted and no additional information will be made available.