Parade of Lights Rules and Regulations 2022



11/4/2022: Parade of Lights applications are now closed due to reaching 100 entries. Thank you for you interest in the parade and be sure to check back next year! 

Thank you for your interest in the 40th Annual Parade of Lights presented by Bank of Colorado!  This year’s event promises to be filled with fun and excitement as thousands of visitors flood Main Street for this traditional holiday favorite event!

The theme this year is ‘No Place Like Home’ and the parade will be held at 5 p.m. on Saturday, December 3rd.  Below are a few rules and regulations and general information for this year’s event.  Please read them carefully and contact the Downtown Office at (970)255-4923 if you have questions or need additional information.  Again, thank you for your interest in this great event!  We look forward to seeing you at the Parade.


  • Parade theme is No Place Like Home (emphasis on the ruby red for the 40th anniversary!)
  • Please note the order of parade lineup is not determined by time of registration, it is determined by coordinator.
  • No profanity or inappropriate signage on an entry will be allowed. Offenders will not receive a refund.
  • No live Santa(s) may be used on floats.  Santa will ride on the LAST float ONLY!


  • Registration fees are non-refundable and the application must be completely filled out to be considered.
  • The cost to participate is $30
  • Registration for the parade is now open and will close once capacity for floats has been reached.
  • You’ll receive a telephone call informing you of your placement in the parade as well as staging information by Wednesday, November 30 at the latest.


  •  All floats must follow the guidelines of selected category and abide by any and all rules pertaining to selection. For example, if your organization selects the “small motorized vehicle” category at time of registration, the entry must reflect your float the day of the parade.
  • NO EXCEPTIONS will be made for additional vehicles in any category and cannot exceed set amount of allowed vehicles.
  • Categories include:
    • Truck with small trailer, 25ft, max. 1 per organization
    • Truck with 5th wheel, 50ft, max. 1 per organization
    • Truck with semi flatbed, 70ft, max. 1 per organization
    • Large motorized vehicle, 15ft, max. 5 per organization (truck, Jeep, car, etc.)
    • Small motorized vehicle, 5ft, max. 10 per organization (dirt bike, ATV, Razors, etc.)
    • No motor: max. 20 per organization (bicycle, scooter, etc.)
    • Other (please specify)


  • 1st Place – $100, 2nd Place – $75, 3rd Place – $50 will be awarded for each of the categories. Please select one on the entry form.
    • Business
    • Performance (band, dance, musical)
    • Organizations (Kiwanis, Partners)
    • Youth (Girl/Boy Scouts, youth groups)
    • Non-Competitive – no award
  • Winners will be notified on Monday, December 5. We will need an updated W9 from the winners returned to us no later than Friday, December 9 at 5:00pm in order to receive the prize money.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: (please read carefully)

  • Safety is a must.
    • No open flames.
    • Throwing or tossing items is prohibited.  If you would like to give handouts, please walk close to the sidelines or on the sidewalk and hand items out.
    • ALL walking participants must be at least seven (7) years of age and accompanied by an adult.
    • Any vehicle over 20’ in length (including trailer) requires adult walkers, one at each corner of the float.
    • Entries can be no higher than 13’ 5” tall.
    • Any dirtbikes, ATVs, or small motorized vehicles are not allowed to do “wheelies” or drive at an unsafe speed for the audience.
    • Please keep in mind this is a family-friendly event.


  • The largest floats will be directed through the 1st and Main Street intersection.  Parties wishing to meet up with these parade participants can regroup at the Mesa County Justice Center.
  • All smaller floats will be turned right off Main Street into the City Market parking lot to Rood Ave. and directed back to the staging area.

By completing the registration form, the applicant acknowledges that he/she understands all terms and conditions above and agrees to abide by all above.