Pianos Placed Downtown for “Street Beats” Program

Downtown Grand Junction will be placing pianos on Main St. for the second year and introducing the program

as “Street Beats” in its inaugural year. Starting Monday, May 14 and continuing into October (weather permitting), pianos will be placed Downtown for the community to enjoy.

After the “Keys to the City” program ended, Downtown was fortunate to receive a donation from the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra. After receiving three pianos from GJSO last year, Downtown placed the instruments out on Main St. for the community to enjoy. With a positive reaction, the pianos are back with a unique twist: they are painted by local artists.

“After an incredible response to the pianos last year, Downtown wanted to integrate the pianos into our art scene. We held a ‘Call for Artists’ with the help of City of Grand Junction Commission on Arts & Culture, named the program, and selected three artists to partake in our first year of ‘Street Beats,” Caitlyn Love, Marketing and Communications Specialist for Downtown, said. “Downtown is incredibly honored to showcase more local art and we’re looking forward to continuing the program each year.”

Local artist Ethan Dow was one of the three selected individuals for the 2018 season and commented “It was really fun having the opportunity to create a painting that the community will be able to interact with.” Dow also participated in the Car Park aRT program, led by City of Grand Junction Commission on Arts & Culture.

Dow is joined in this years’ ‘Street Beats’ by other local artists Donna Fullerton and Krizia Rodriguez.

Each piano has been adopted by a Downtown business to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the instruments, so the community can enjoy the pianos and art for years to come. The Downtown office would also like to thank the City’s Parks and Recreation Department for assisting in placing the pianos Downtown for the summer and fall seasons.

For more information, contact Caitlyn Love, Downtown Marketing and Communications Specialist (caitlyn@downtowngj.org).


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