With the holidays behind us and Spring on our doorstep, we ask you keep downtown businesses and restaurants in mind and spend your Downtown Grand Junction gift cards!  

Throughout the pandemic our community has stepped up, bought into the support local message, and has spoken loudly with their dollars. This past year Downtown Grand Junction sold over 5,700 gift cards totaling approximately $184,000! 

Thanks to a generous community, and community minded businesses like Alpine Bank and Bray Real Estate, who both purchased thousands of dollars worth of gift cards to give out to the community during the holidays, a much needed cash infusion is headed to Downtown Grand Junction businesses. 

With all that money sitting around, we ask, why wait? Cash those gift cards in now! This winter, support your favorite local business and treat yourself to something special. It’s a win-win scenario.   

Order take-out from your favorite restaurant or dine al fresco downtown. Grab a nice bottle of wine or some craft beer. Pick up a new book. Update your wardrobe. Take a spa day. It doesn’t matter what you spend your gift card on, just spend it sooner than later. Downtown businesses need that money now. For some it means the difference between keeping the doors open and closing for good.           

We are all in this together so let’s finish strong. With 2020 in the rearview mirror, it’s time to push forward and embrace the new year. Shop local. Eat local. Support local.