Main Street Fountain Update

The city has decided that due to the overwhelming use of the interactive fountain on Main Street it will no longer be open for recreation. The good news is that the splash pad at Lincoln Park will be open for free!

For more information, please read the press release from the city below.

During Monday’s workshop, City Council expressed initial support for moving forward with a plan to expand free access to the Lincoln Park aquatics complex in light of the overburdening demand placed on the Main Street splash pad fountain. This will go into effect immediately. There will be no entrance fee to the splash pad facility at Lincoln Park for the remainder of the season. The expanded access to Lincoln Park will allow the Downtown splash pad to return it to its original intended use as a water feature on Main Street.

“The Downtown splash pad is being loved to death by the overwhelming number of users, and shows us there is a significant unmet need for greater access to our water recreational facilities,” said Rob Schoeber, Parks and Recreation Director. “Since its opening in 2011, the Downtown splash pad has posed significant challenges in maintaining water cleanliness, keeping the walkways unobstructed, complementing the downtown business environment, as well as concern for injuries and unsanitary use of the feature. Every year its popularity has grown, outstripping its capacity. Despite our efforts to find a workable balance, the City and the Downtown Development Authority believe it will be better to redirect the intense recreational use to our existing aquatics program where we have ample room for the crowd, and the staff and the equipment to provide the best environment.”

Harry Weiss, Director of the DDA, adds, “The original intention for the splash pad on Main Street was to provide an attractive water feature for Downtown with limited interactive use. Instead it has become a very intensively used, recreational water feature better suited to a traditional park location.

“Being situated in a small area at a busy commercial intersection with lots of cars along Main and 5th Street, it is not set up to handle the large numbers of children and adults using it. Nor was it intended to be an alternative to the great facilities and programs available through the Parks & Recreation Department. Downtown offers its own special array of amenities and activities for families and children. Returning the splash pad to its primary function as a fountain and making another fun water resource available free of charge to the public is a win-win.”
The Splash pad at Lincoln Park will operate daily 10:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. through the remainder of the season.

If you have specific questions about pool operation or pool passes, please call the Parks and Recreation Department at 970-254-3866.

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