Every now and then we will be giving you a chance to get to know our local, Downtown business owners – your friends and neighbors – who make Downtown such a special place. We’d like to introduce you to Mark Swain, president of Networks Unlimited​, 610 Rood Ave.

Networks Unlimited began in 2000 after recognizing a need in Western Colorado for business-focused computer networking expertise. I worked hard to convince my wife that taking all of our savings, while building a house and waiting for our second child to be born was a good idea (she still sometimes questions my judgment.)
I started as many small businesses do, over-leveraged, worrying if we could pay the rent of our tiny office, and sleeping very little. As many entrepreneurs know, growing a business has the same challenges but staying true to our mission has helped us through some rough times. We have had the good fortune to grow and be recognized as a leader in Western Colorado. Our customers know that when they have a problem, we are here to listen and come up with the best solution for them. 
In 2015 we purchased and remodeled an 8,000 square foot building in Downtown Grand Junction. We employ a large team of passionate people that help hundreds of companies in Western Colorado and across the nation with their IT needs. We are proud that we have customers in 42 of 50 states and continue to expand our reach. We have recently been honored with Inc. Magazines “Top 5000 Fastest Growing Small Business” award, Colorado Biz “Top 250 Private businesses in Colorado”, CRN’s “Top 500 Managed Services Companies in North America”, Channel Partners “Business Value Award,” and Colorado Companies to Watch Finalist.