Megan Alfaro • Colorado Baby

Every month we will be giving you a chance to get to know our local, Downtown business owners – your friends and neighbors – who make Downtown such a special place. This month we’d like to introduce you to Megan Alfaro, president of Colorado Baby Inc, 560 Main Street. 
Megan Alfaro is a serial entrepreneur of sorts.  She started her first “business” at the age of four by coloring on rocks and selling them to her parents and neighbors as paperweights.  She had more than a handful of lemonade stands throughout the years and in fourth grade she traced pictures and sold them as coloring sheets to her peers during recess.
The businesses continued throughout middle school and high school and ranged from a gift wrapping business to a dog training book, friendship bracelets and fresh chicken eggs.  Every year it was something new.  She graduated high school in 2004 and immediately moved to Monterrey, Mexico where she helped own and operate an English (as a second language) school with her husband, Alberto Alfaro.
In 2007, the couple moved to Grand Junction (where Megan was born and raised) and within 6 months started two new businesses: Colorado Baby (then Pampered Buns) and Spanish Now.
Colorado Baby was started originally to fill a need for a local store that would carry modern cloth diapers.  Megan started the business out of her house by meeting with inquiring individuals one-o- one to show them how cloth diapers had changed (pun intended). After 22 months of running it out of the house, she expanded into a brick and mortar location off of Grand and 2nd Street.  In 2011 she moved her store to Main Street (her ultimate goal) in Historic Downtown Grand Junction.
There’s no doubt Megan has experience when it comes to cloth diapers and the many other products at Colorado Baby; she’s had 6 children of her own in the last 11 years!  Her personal, most used item from the store is her Boba carrier for the purpose of carrying a baby or toddler.  Her favorite “splurge” items are definitely the adorable and cozy organic cotton and bamboo clothes.  Megan’s youngest child is Abel, who is just 10 months old.  You can follow along on Facebook or Instagram as Abel models different age appropriate products in the store by using the hashtag #TheAbelLabel.