WednesGay: Lip Sync Battle and Quiz Queens

WednesGay: Lip Sync Battle and Quiz Queens

We are having another round of Quiz Queens from 8:00pm to 10:00pm hosted by the amazing DELILAH DELIGHT and starting right at 10:00pm we are having a Lip Sync/Air Band competition.

Just you, or you and some friends get together and learn to lip sync to a couple of songs. Along with audience votes and judge selection, we are going to give away a $75.00 first place prize and $20.00 first place prize for individuals.

$7.00 for team signups (Quiz Queens)

$7.00 for team signup (Lip Sync Battle/ Air Band Competition) OR
$5.00 for indiivual signup (Lip Sync Battle Air Band Competition)

There will be drag performance throughout the evening so teams have a time to get ready and rock out. Any kind of music is welcome! Just make it fun.

Free to just watch!

To sign up to be in the competition:

NOTE: You can also sign up at the event.