The Toasters and Tight Thump Ska Funk at Baron’s!

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Barons on Colorado   5

The Toasters, NYC Ska since 1981 are coming to jive the night up with you Grand Junction! Welcoming them to the west-side of CO is Grand Junction’s own funky friends Tight Thump and us locals sure are excited to welcome this large, and history rich band, into the night life of the lively party town we know as Grand Junction. While the Toasters are largely Ska, elements of punk, reggae, and even jazz can be heard in their swing. Come be surprised at what all influences a Ska band can exude and then feel the funky frenzy for our friends in TIGHT THUMP and prepare for an evening of fun at the gates of the fall season!
Tickets are $8 in advance, and $10 the day of.