OFF THE SHELF – Yvonne Barron

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Yvonne Baron
Bio Feedback

   Yvonne is a Colorado Native who has been practicing Bodywork in the Grand Valley for over 35 years. She is trained in both Western and Eastern philosophies including Traditional Herbalism, Bio Feedback, Touch for Health and Lymphatic stimulation and Visceral massage, Educational Kinesiology, Foot Reflexology, Reiki and Ortho-Bionomy, Crainial Sacral and Herbal Therapy including Therapuedic Essential oil “Raindrop Therapy” and Bio-feedback.

Yvonne will be doing a presentation and demonstration on how Bio feedback works using a 5 point harness and computer to test 7000 items in the body and what is most out of balance. After giving her the information, the computer then feeds back Vibrational and Resonance of body systems for regulation of those systems whereby the body is able to regulate its own healing process.