OFF THE SHELF – Sunday, September 17th

CRYSTAL Books & Gifts   439 Main Street, 81501

with Karmel Astarae CNHP

Clearing Your Family Lineage

Learn how to clear & heal your family lineage, programs, beliefs and vibrations regarding any imbalance…creating a NEW YOU! Discover how changing your frequencies internally…changes your life externally! As a compliment to Karmel Astarae’s twenty-years of psychic training and experience, she is a Certified National Health Professional, a Medical intuitive, Bio- Energetic Specialist, Spiritual Teacher, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, and offers Empowerment Workshops. Karmel has provided thousands of Bio- Energy Medicine Sessions nationally and internationally. She facilitates life transitions that give you insights and knowledge to reawaken your soul. This event offers powerful combinations to unlock the healing potential to fully enrich your life!