OFF THE SHELF – Sunday, October 15th

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with Linda H. Nelson C.Hom, and Shayna Wetzel, Children’s Yoga Instructor
Sunday, October 15th – 1:00pm – Free

Master Mystery Teachings To Raise Your Vibration – For Adults/Children

We have been given numerous forms of complimentary and alternative healing modalities to help our bodies come into balance. However, what we have found is that as the body raises its vibration we are better able to not only fight disease but we are also able to tap into our 6th senses and become who we truly are which is a spiritual being living in a physical body. Join Shayna Wetzel and Linda Nelson as we explore the numerous modalities to raise our vibration to take us into the next step on our journey into enlightenment.

Linda is a Classical Homeopathic Practioner and earned her degree from the Homeopathy School of Colorado. Classical Homeopaths look at the person as a whole mentally, emotionally and physically. They prescribe a remedy based on their past, family history as well as present symptoms. The remedies are highly diluted plants, animals and minerals. The theory is that the remedies will balance the imbalances and remove long standing as well as acute conditions.

Linda also graduated from the Institute of Therapeutic Massage of Western Colorado and would later become a partner in the school. She continued her education in therapeutic massage and is trained in over a dozen different therapies.