OFF THE SHELF – Sunday, June 25th

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with Janelle Maurin

Gut Recovery- How to find balance in your inner eco system Most of us have the history of taking anti-biotics. We ourselves or someone close to us has received a colonoscopy. More common than we would like to admit, we all know an individual who has gone through chemotherapy. And the ever common stomach flu that cleanses us regardless of desire. Part of life and very common, yet we have rarely been taught how to recover after these situations. One of the biggest areas and most important that gets little attention is your gut. The microbiome, our second brain, and the epicenter of our eco system. Daily it takes on many important roles, and needs the right support to make sure you are digesting, strengthening your immune system and even stabilizing your moods. Come and learn:    – How easy it is to get back into balance    – How to Naturally and quickly feel better    – What is essential and what to avoid    – And what is most important to maintain a healthy gut  Janelle Maurin is an International Advanced Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and International Advanced Bowen Therapist. When forced to seek alternative healing paths from longstanding pain, illness and anxiety, Janelle Maurin found her passion through her own adversity. She found relief from her ailments through Bowen Therapy and Colon Hydrotherapy, leading her to earned certifications from the International School of Hydrotherapy and the Bowenwork Academy USA in 2009. Janelle now shares these healing modalities with others at Spinning Tree Healing.