OFF THE SHELF – Sunday, July 16th

with Linda H. Nelson C.Hom, NCTMB, E.M.T

21 Essential Spiritual Lessons Continued

Learn the functions of the Hierarchy (Governing Board) of the Earth and how the messengers to mankind are selected and group activity. It also explains how a chela/student may achieve the ascension by successfully completing the various initiations and by performing the required service to God and to mankind.

Linda is a Classical Homeopathic Practioner and earned her degree from the Homeopathy School of Colorado. Classical Homeopaths look at the person as a whole mentally, emotionally and physically. They prescribe a remedy based on their past, family history as well as present symptoms. The remedies are highly diluted plants, animals and minerals. The theory is that the remedies will balance the imbalances and remove long standing as well as acute conditions.

Linda also graduated from the Institute of Therapeutic Massage of Western Colorado and would later become a partner in the school. She continued her education in therapeutic massage and is trained in over a dozen different