OFF THE SHELF – Robin Gile

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Robin Gile

Robin Gile, noted Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Palmistry,  will be presenting a short talk on Saturday, August 1 at 11:00am to explain palmistry. He will then provide private half hour readings for $45.00 on both Saturday and Sunday. Reservations will be taken at the store.

Robin Gile has read palms professionally for over 40 years and has traveled throughout the country as a reader and adviser. The hand is a map of one’s life. It is a map that changes and offers potentials and opportunity for our choices. The hand very rarely reflects “a must happen” set of circumstances. Changes in the hand may be subtle, but if one makes changes, achieves a goal, breaks a pattern, or even pursues a new direction this will be reflected in the palm. Color, texture, and of course the lines are all indicators of one’s direction and opportunities.