OFF THE SHELF Event Series – Tarot 1.1

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OFF THE SHELF Presentation

John Fleming    aka: John the Gray Tarotwizard
Tarot 1.1

1. What are the TAROT cards, what they are not, and where did they come from anyway?
2. What sort of language is the Tarot?
3. Pip cards
4. Major Arcana
5. The five elements and how they relate to the suits.
6. Various Tarot card spreads.

   John has been studying psychology since 1976, metaphysics for many years before that. He has been reading tarot cards for over 14 years professionally. He has done presentations on the subject of the Tarot in classroom situations at the Denver TAROT Meetup. John also has a number of private students he teaches Tarot to via email as well as in person.