“Off The Shelf” Event – Samuel Baseler

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EXPERIENCING THE SHIFT : Our Choice by Samuel Baseler

     It is generally recognized in many circles that Earth and her denizens are gong through a major paradigm shift. Those who are aware of the shift overwhelmingly agree that this change is characterized by rising vibrations. We have been hearing about the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” for more than fifty years and are still waiting for a “New” age that looks dramatically different from those old ages. Just when are those rising vibes going to palpably show up in our day-to-day, feet on the ground, wind in the face, sun on the back world?
Samuel Baseler responds by saying, “Indeed, those rising vibrations are here now; and each of us can increase our awareness of subtle changes as well as those more profound, impossible-to-ignore shifts.”
A predictable fixture in many local metaphysical events, Samuel’s background includes studies in numerous new-thought traditions. He has listened to leaders in world centers such as Mt Shasta, CA; Glastonbury, England; Findhorn, Scotland; and experienced psychic surgeons in Manila, the Philippines. January 1,1988, Samuel was gifted with a life-changing carved quartz crystal pendulum and some knowledge of how to use it to help himself and others. He has since made a regular practice of assisting others who were seeking the next step on their way to a life of increased Light and an awareness of the Love at the core of All.
“My intention is to present specific ways that individuals can adjust their lives making the Shift not only painless, but quite joyous. I will define the Shift and give illustrations that support the idea that things are changing dramatically for the better, even though there seems to be so much evidence to the contrary. My plan is to give specifics: things to do, websites to access, statements to repeat, regular practices to incorporate, ways to clear blocked and coagulated energies and high-frequency music we can listen to which easily enhances our daily activities.”
“I’ll also perform a group healing/clearing and explain the value of using both Intentions and the Violet Transmuting Flame in one’s life.”