“Off The Shelf” Event – Peggy Dennis

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Ever wonder what you were born to do and the part you were destined to
play in the game of life? The study of Numerology is like putting a puzzle
together that when assembled and understood reveals a stunning picture,
the brilliant picture of YOU! Finding your Destiny number is the first rule in
Numerology and is determined by the name you were given at birth. Your
Destiny number reveals your potential natural abilities and ‘what you must
do‘, it does NOT determine ‘what you are’. In this workshop, you will
discover your own Destiny number and the meaning behind this number. To
quote Juno Jordan, “To know what your name means is a spiritual

Peggy Dennis, LMT, SEP is a Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist
and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. She has a degree in travel,
recreation and hospitality management and worked in the restaurant and
catering fields before following her passion for the healing arts. Peggy’s
alter ego is that of songstress and she has performed and recorded with
several bands throughout the past 30 years. She lives in Denver, CO.