OFF THE SHELF – Dulce Bell-Bulley, Astrologer

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Dulce Bell-Bulley     August 30, 2015       Free
“Astrology 101”
     “Astrology is your friend! What do the planets say about you? How do you
figure things out? A quick, fun whirl around the solar system in this Sunday
morning presentation with astrologer Dulce Bell-Bulley. Come away knowing
who does what, why and what it means for you.”

   Dulce is a professional astrologer, certified hypnotherapist, registered
psychotherapist, published author and world traveler. Her Master’s degree in
Transpersonal Psychology is from Naropa University where Dulce combined her
deep love of nature with spiritual psychology. She has studied with some of
the world’s great teachers and thinkers and brings a level of deep inquiry
and compassion to her work with both individuals and groups. She is delighted to present at Crystal Books where she learned the basics of astrology from founder Jim Lucas. He made astrology fun and interesting, qualities Dulce has always enjoyed in this scientific, intuitive art.