“Off The Shelf Author Series” -Terri Sides

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February 22, 2015 Terri Sides Free
Animal Communication
“End the Overwhelm with Your Pet or Your Life.”
Are you frustrated by your pet’s naughty behavior and you don’t know what to do to stop it? Is your pet seriously ill? Do you wish you knew if your pet was suffering? Do you yearn for wellness and health that honors your body, mind and spirit? What if you could forgive yourself and fall in love with who you discover inside?

Join Terri Sides, RN and discover how to:
●Integrate body, mind and spirit so you can stop fighting yourself.
●Kick everyone out of your head and move into your heart.
●Nurture yourself and/or your animal companion and feel good about it.
●Create partnership within yourself and/or your animal so you can enjoy working together.
●Dive deeper into emotional connections and create strong relationships.
●Find hope and healing as you move forward into the life you dream of.
●Lighten up and Laugh!