Off The Shelf Author Series

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On Thursday, August 28th, starting at 6:15pm, Marcella Martyn, author of I Am Here and New Ages and Other Wonders, will be presenting “The Seven Questions That Your Spirits Would Ask You If They Could”. Following Marcella at 7:00pm will be John Nizalowski, author of Land of Cinnamon Sun, and his daughter Ursula, who is a high-functioning autistic, will read from their published essays and explore how their encounter with autism has shaped their creative processes and material.

Join us at CRYSTAL Books and Gifts at 439 Main Street in Downtown Grand Junction on August 28th between 6:00 and 8:00pm. Seating is limited. You are encouraged to visit CRYSTAL Books and Gifts’ website at and sign up for the email newsletter to be notified of upcoming “Off The Shelf” events. You may also call the store at 970-242-5181.