Music Matters Benefit Concert at Thunderstruck Valley

The Music Matters Benefit Concert is dedicated to raising money and other donations (particularly art supplies) for The House, Grand Junction’s shelter for homeless teens. Music Matters will have a variety of musical acts, ranging from metal, to alternative rock, to spoken word. Music can have a powerful influence on the world, and we are hoping to do just that.
By using music as the medium by which we receive donations, we will provide a positive environment in which all members of the community can come together for a common cause while bonding over a mutual love of art and expression.
There are an estimated 100 homeless teens in Mesa County in any given year. Many of these teens were abandoned or are runaways, and are at risk for physical and sexual abuse. With support from shelters like The House, homeless teens can transcend their disadvantages; and with love and support from their community, they can move forward toward a brighter future.