Loners Move Premier and Q&A

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Avalon Theatre   6

Grand Junction native Tyson Turrou proudly presents the premiere of his film “Loners,” a comedy he produced and stars in that boasts twelve other Grand Valley natives in the cast and crew.  Take your picture on the red carpet and stay for the Q&A after the show with cast and crew!

Loners is satire about an ensemble of eccentric loners caught in the middle of “The War on Loneliness”, a program created by politicians to stem the growing tide of violence. Forced to endure a government-mandated group therapy class called “Lone-Anon”, they are lead by a well-meaning but ineffectual therapist whose exercises become increasingly comical and unhelpful. As the loners are thrust into a government- created conspiracy to justify its failing program, they must figure out how to avoid being yet another introvert abducted by mysterious government ops. Forced to do what terrifies them most, they stand up for their right to be alone – together.

The Loners cast includes series regulars from shows like The Walking Dead, NCIS: New Orleans, Scandal, Wrecked, Netflix’s One Day at a Time, The Young and the Restless, and Lodge 49.

Rating: NR (Includes some swearing and mild comedic violence.)

Runtime: 91 minutes

Genre: Comedy