L’Eroica Vintage Bicycle Race

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We are recreating a 1899-1915 Grand Junction 102 mile bicycle race from Grand Junction to Glenwood Springs, CO. We have researched the history of the ride and included as many of the original elements of the race as possible.

Ride to Glenwood in period athletic dress, meet family along the way, banquet, stay at the Hotel Denver, Swim in the Glenwood Pool. We’ll be taking the train back to GJ.

Riders with any attire and any bike are welcome to participate. The route is beautiful!!! This is a long race – 102 miles. “This ride is not one for riders with a weak constitution. To keep your knickers from gettin’ all up in a wad, -Train after signin’ up!”

Points Race: Points will be awarded for authenticity based on the technology of the bike and the attire worn. Example: even though a participant comes in last, because he/she chose to ride a single speed 1958 bike and wore knickers and a wool cap he/she may place first as ‘The Hero’ of Grand Junction.

Register:  By May 10th, 2014


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