Downtown Restaurant Week Presents : The Winery

The Winery Wows at Restaurant Week

The Winery Restaurant is a longtime establishment and staple of the Downtown culture, over 30 years to be exact. Set in a building that surpasses 90 years old in what used to be a house for a horse drawn carriage fire station, The Winery is an iconic piece of Downtown history.

The Winery attracts guests of all kinds – tourists, first-time guests, and loyal customers. With a reputation such as theirs, its apparent why.

Oysters Rockefeller is the first thing on the Restaurant Week menu – an appetizer that is just as delicious as it looks. This dish was composed of six half shell blue point oysters with spinach, bacon, bread crumbs, and served with BĂ©arnaise sauce.

Baby field greens, sliced strawberries, asparagus spears, feta cheese, pecan granola clusters and ruby red grapefruit made up a refreshing spring salad.

The main course was a sight to behold – Grilled filet of beef tenderloin with a half grilled Canadian lobster tail, complete with dijon horseradish cream.

A parfait was the perfect end cap for this Restaurant Week menu, made up of chocolate mousse, cream, and chopped macadamia nuts on top.

The Winery has a longstanding reputation in Downtown and offers a fantastic experience for any and all who walk through the door. To view their Restaurant Week menu, click here.

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