Cafe Sol Chilaquiles and More

This morning I ventured into Cafe Sol, a locally owned and operated establishment who prides themselves on using on organic, natural and local ingredients, working with local farms to source their menus.

With ever-changing menus at Cafe Sol, I was eager to see what Owner and Chef Nick Santos would be creating for both breakfast and lunch, and all options exceeded any expectations.

The Restaurant Week breakfast special, Chilaquiles, is composed of corn tortillas baked with ranchero sauce and cheddar cheese, topped with two eggs, cooked to preference. This was a southwestern dish that was served in a skillet.

Lunch items included an ‘El Diablo’ salad and a Jalapeño Turkey panini. Filled with mixed greens, jalapeños, spicy candied walnuts, banana peppers, roasted red pepper, and jalapeño lime vinaigrette, this salad packs a good punch of flavor.

The Jalapeño Turkey panini is composed of sliced turkey, jalapeños, mayo, brie cheese, and red onion. This sandwich pairs nicely with the ‘El Diablo’ salad, as the two are being offered as a combo.

With an option such as Cafe Sol for a breakfast and lunch destination downtown, it’s easy to find a healthy, well-balanced, and locally sourced meal at their location. Find their Restaurant Week menu here.