Bin 707 Brings their Best

Eating at Bin 707 is always an adventure. It’s an experience that is unique and creates its own buzz with an innovative, farm to table menu and a modern atmosphere.¬†Restaurant Week at Bin is no different. With a seasonal American menu, this eatery has a way of making casual feel more upscale.

For Restaurant Week, Bin is letting guests select one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert for a combined price (see their menu here).

Fried Artichoke Hearts are on the menu for an appetizer, complete with Colorado sage honey, lavender, juniper, and Palisade guajillo. This plate is packed with flavor and and the artichokes are cooked to perfection.

The Colorado Lamb and Pork Ragu entree is not only a beautifully plated dish, but it also eats fantastically. This dish is made up of sun noodles, mustard greens, radish, mushroom dash, house-made ricotta salata, and cured egg yolk.

For dessert, Bin has a real treat. The Palisade Apple Cobbler is baked to perfection with vanilla peach bourbon reduction and sweet corn cream.