The next phase of the Dios Rios development project is moving forward thanks to the Downtown Development Authority (DDA).  

At the March 11 DDA board meeting, the board voted to support a reimbursement request by Buena Vida, LLC for the “Sky Outpost/El Jet’s Cantina” project located at Dos Rios. 

Dos Rios is a public-private redevelopment of a blighted property within the DDA boundaries. The board approved reimbursement of up to $125,000 toward the cost of land excavation/reclamation associated with the project. 

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“We want to honor the past, present and contribute to the future riverfront corridor,” project founder Jen Taylor said. “That dirt has sacred energy in it. The river corridor is a meaningful place for Grand Junction and we are excited to create a destination and ‘industrial grit’ experience for locals and tourists alike to enjoy.”  

The DDA’s financial participation will spur an estimated $5,000,000 of private investment that can serve as a catalyst for future Riverfront development. 

None of this would be happening without the DDA’s commitment to the Riverfront at Dos Rios,” project leader Jen Taylor said. “This project is integral to the redevelopment and activation of our riverfront and will create a vibrancy in this corridor that will continue to incentivize further investment from the private sector.”

The DDA’s investment will also lead to public improvements on the site including public waterfront access, bike path access and access to waterfront shade shelters (palapas) that will all be available for public use. 

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