The family friendly pub and grill, Feisty Pint, located at 359 Colorado Avenue – is a spot to put on your ‘must check out’ list. This bar and grill really does have it all. Feisty Pint is the only bar in the city that has a self pour tap. The self pour tap allows you to decide how much beer you’d like, instead of being poured a standard glass size. They want you to be able to have the full experience of walking into their bar and being able to try any of the local beers that are on tap, which change all the time. If self pour isn’t something you’re searching for, The Feisty Pint is located in the St. Regis building, and is known for its beautiful bar. There, you’ll find many other beers, wines, and cocktails.


Joey, the chef at Feisty Pint, makes almost everything handmade and fresh. Here, you’re able to gather with your family and friends in a welcoming environment. This eatery has a relaxing lounge and restaurant area on the inside and a patio outside for the beautiful, warm summer nights.


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