Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter! Candles can burn anytime of year and what makes it better? You choosing the scent you want in your candle and making it yourself. All the candles are soy based and can burn from 60-90 hours. You’ll have over 120 scents you’ll get to choose, creating multiple perfect scents for you.






Choosing your scents will be memorable and fun. Having the opportunity to smell two scents apart and then together can change the way you ever smell a candle again. Scents are meant to help keep memories alive and bring positive emotions to you.




Coming down to Candle Kitchen can be a great date night, friends night or a solo night. You could make a club event there or a work event. They have been apart of the downtown businesses for a little over a year now, bringing lots of joy to their customers. It’s a wonderful, relaxing environment for all, making lasting memories for friends and family.