Every now and then, we hear from our community on services and fun things happening Downtown. This time, we had a few friends that hit the town for a birthday celebration and Teresa, the writer of the blog, captured their experience. They centered the entire party around taking The Dash, Grand Junction’s newest FREE mode of transportation. Read on to hear about their fun evening!


Long-time locals and new valley residents enjoyed seeing the sites at a different pace and from a different point of view on The DASH.

Recently, a cache of downtown boosters hopped aboard the new local-route bus The DASH for an all-out Birthday Bash!

Entertaining and informative, these info-graphics help passengers know what to expect and how to behave during their trip on The DASH.

The “Birthdash Party” may have begun as balderdash, but word spread like a rash, and the well-attended event was enjoyed by all. Commencing at Colorado Baby on Main Street, the group meandered their way to Horizon Drive, mingling with the kind DASH driver and fellow passengers unabashedly, with glee.

After a lively dinner at Freddy’s, the easy trip back inspired long-time residents and valley newcomers alike to reflect and appreciate this alternative method of experiencing our fair city and the options it offers:

No more late-night trips to the airport to drop-off or pick- up friends and loved ones; The DASH runs Thursday – Saturday from 4:15 p.m. – 12:15 a.m.!

Divined a date-night but forgot to designate a driver? The DASH provides safe, clean transportation to your favorite local venues, while allowing you time to connect with your special someone en-route.

For you no-car-owning, studio-apartment-renting hipsters (you know who you are), you can host your folks with ease by inviting them to Catch The DASH from their hotel to nosh with you on the other end of town.

Just a regular Joe who want to grab some grub and a game at Stocker Stadium?  The DASH provides service at all Grand Valley Transit stops from the transfer station at 5th and South Streets to the Grand Junction Regional Airport via Main Street / 12th Street /  Horizon Drive which eliminates the hassle of parking for GJ Rockies and high school sporting fans.

Employees and customers of Colorado Baby on Main Street Grand Junction showed their birthday spirit and caught some quality time with the girls during a special “Mom’s Night Out” on The DASH.

While birthdays come but once per year, The DASH is available 3 days/week, 52 weeks/year.  So save some cash, show some panache, and experience Grand Junction on The DASH; your new, convenient, FREE, local public transportation option.   You might even find some parties to crash…

Blog by: Teresa Jane, Downtowner.