Colorado Baby Celebrates 10 Years of Business


What started as a dozen diapers in a Rubbermaid tote and a Craigslist ad has grown into a successful Downtown business.

Megan Alfaro, the owner of Colorado Baby on 560 Main St., started her business 10 years ago from her home. After cloth diapering her first child and living in Mexico, Alfaro moved back to Grand Junction just before her second child was born and hoped to purchase cloth diapers in town.

“When I got here, the cloth diaper service I used for my first son had gone out of business a few months before, so I couldn’t get any diapers,” Alfaro said. “I was like ‘Man, I can’t believe no one else in town sells cloth diapers.’”

Alfaro decided to fill in the gap and invested left over money from her wedding into cloth diapers. After posting on Craigslist, Alfaro met with soon-to-be parents to sell and teach about cloth diapers for 22 months before opening a store on Grand. After two years and expanding her business to other baby products, Colorado Baby relocated to Downtown and opened on Main St..

Alfaro says being Downtown is the perfect fit for her business and loves many aspects of owning Colorado Baby.

“I have six children, and I bring stuff into the store that I would use for them. It’s fun because I get to share the stuff that I find with other local families,” Alfaro said. “I’m just doing what I love and getting to meet a lot of families in the valley to provide products for them that I use personally.”

Colorado Baby will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary on Saturday, June 2. Visit their store at 560 Main St. between 10am and 5pm for a sidewalk party with sales, gift card giveaways, face painting, a photobooth, footprint keepsakes, and much more!

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