Miscellaneous 1: Privacy vs Security vs Anonymity

All of the entities discussed so far are mostly contained in the World Wide Web, which is designed for convenient access to the general public. But you may be surprised to know that what you see is only a small part of the overall Internet. Think about it like a civilization: the amount of the Earth that is covered by roads and buildings is still dwarfed by the amount that is wild and undeveloped. While scrolling a Facebook feed might be the equivalent of walking through a well-maintained city street, the wilderness of the Internet (referred to as the “Deep Web” or “DarkNet”) can be an exciting (or even dangerous) hike. This lecture will explore both inside and outside the boundaries of the commonly known World Wide Web, and its mysterious counterpart. We will discuss how to choose the right browser for your web use, safe and responsible browsing, and the basics of why it exists.

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Miscellaneous 1: Privacy vs. Security vs. Anonymity Aug. 1 6:00 – 8:30