When you think “coolest company”, what do you think? Google headquarters probably pops into your mind. You know, the company that uses slides instead of stairs and bean bags instead of office chairs. 

GROWL Agency is continuously changing what it means to be the coolest company. Located in Downtown Grand Junction inside of 750 Main, a hub for entrepreneurs and tech-startups, GROWL focuses on marketing, technology and design. This August the marketing agency was announced as one of Colorado Inno’s 2019 coolest companies

GROWL was named a ‘coolest company‘ for their love of dogs and staff participation in the outhouse races at Fruita Fall Fest. But, what makes GROWL stand out from other marketing companies is their care and commitment to their team and their community.  

“One of the foundational things for our company is being involved with our community, whether that’s volunteering for non- profits, serving on boards, or just getting Downtown and supporting our local community,” Libby Olson, Partner of Growl Agency, said.

GROWL Agency was founded ten years ago by Greg Olson and originally started in Denver, Colorado. 

“Two and a half years ago we knew we wanted to move but we weren’t sure where; we knew we really liked western Colorado,” Greg Olson, Founder and Partner of GROWL Agency, said, “in coming here, we realized it has a university, an airport, a vibrant community and a huge talent pool.”

Since the agency moved they’ve created a partnership with CMU and the workforce center to create their four-person team who are students or have graduated from CMU. 

“We volunteer as a group once a month, right now we’re helping the Food Bank of the Rockies,” Greg Olson, said, “our team is driving it, we just open the door and allow it to happen.” (Click here to check out GROWL’s Facebook and stay connected on all of the events they’ll be involved in).

As an agency, GROWL values having family time and a work-life balance for everyone on their team. They supplement health care cost, a simple IRA retirement plan, paid time off and respecting the teams time out of the office. 

Winning the coolest company title affects more than just GROWL itself; it lends an opportunity to progress surrounding companies and towns.

“The more the West Slope and Grand Junction compete in these awards against other companies, [especially companies on the Front Range] it begs the question of ‘what the heck is going on in Grand Junction’,” Greg Olson, said. 

Setting them aside from all other marketing companies, they pride themselves on making a connection with who they’re working with and helping them improve their business and their image. 

GROWL’s goal is to lead by example and to be the best they can be for their community, team, and customers. 

“To me, being the coolest company is us just being us,” Greg Olson, said. 

“We’re really just a fun quirky family,” Libby Olson, said.


Story and Photos by : Delaney Kidd