Caitlyn’s Holiday Shopping Guide – For the Millennial Hipster

It’s the time of year for giving. Everyone has a millennial hipster in their life, and sometimes, you may find yourself slightly perplexed when it comes to finding a gift for someone of these sorts. Luckily, downtown has everything for the free spirited soul and the shops’ inventories span much further beyond selfie sticks, Netflix subscriptions, and horrible pop music. Over the past week, I visited countless stores downtown to give you ideas that are totes fool proof.

You can always find a book that a millennial will like, and Out West Books has all sorts of good reads. Can we talk about this “Van Life” book for a second? Pick this up for that traveling hipster who may or may not live in their van. My personal favorite item here is the cross-stitching book, and is on my wish list for the year.

Some antiques never go out of style, and I can guarantee that if you buy a typewriter or an old school camera for a hipster, you will quickly win their heart over. Top it off with an old pair of roller skates or a vintage bag, and that’s extra brownie points for you. Robin’s Nest has you covered.


If My Generation Boutique isn’t the epitome of “classic hipster style”, then I don’t know what is. Many of my outfits have been purchased here, and the next thing on my list is that Bowie onesie.
My Generation has so many trendy pieces, my personal faves are the band t-shirts they get in.

Triple Play Records is a magical place where you can spot Millennials in their natural habitat. I know this because I am now part of the group (I recently purchased the turntable pictured here). From CD’s to records, posters and stickers, you will find something here for the music loving hipster, I promise.

Next on your list should be Mutual Friends. How cool is this jacket? And that flannel? Give a guy any of these items and he’s sure to be the most stylish one on this side of the Mississippi.

I consider myself a regular at Pollux, and I may or may not have purchased the blouse (Joan from Mad Men vibes) and the Jackalope socks pictured (I’m from Wyoming, ok?).

Who doesn’t like a fun toy from The Lonely Toy Store? These YO-NUTS are sure to please, whether you’re strolling down Main Street to get your next mason jar filled with cold brew or on your way to a microbrewery, you can yo-yo anywhere.

Old Friends Trading Company is a gem, and if you have an art loving hipster in your life, check out their beautiful pottery. They also have great jewelry, bags, and water bottles.

For the millennial who feels like its time to start up that dream micro-brewery, look no further than the Lil’ Ole’ Winemaker. This shop has everything and then some for the beer, wine, and cheese lover (I am all three of these so I could have shopped in this store all day).

If you’re looking for a whole wall of ukulele’s, go to Hart Music right now. This shop is a true music lover’s playground. Looking for a stocking stuffer but a ukulele won’t fit in the stocking? Check out their guitar picks. This way, the recipient won’t have to wait until their next show to try and catch one (thanks, Hawthorne Heights, you made my whole life when you threw that guitar pick my way).

Let’s not forget about those hipsters that care more about their shades than taking selfies or eating avocado toast. At Look on Main, I came across some of the coolest glasses and sunglasses I’ve ever laid eyes on (get it?) #corny


Caitlyn is the Downtown Event Coordinator. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music and podcasts, photography, cross-stitching, playing the ukulele, writing poetry on a typewriter, hiking, and mountain biking. Although she respects coffee, she prefers a chai tea.

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