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The team at United Country Real Colorado Properties knows Colorado property better than most because they eat, sleep, and breathe specialty properties. If you are looking for someone to be able to connect you with that perfect property that fits your lifestyle, their unequaled knowledge and consultation will surpass your expectations. They have property experts in hunting and recreational properties, farms and ranches, vineyards and wineries, mountain cabins, residential homes, new construction, international properties, and more.

Their office is a welcoming, coffee shop style environment where you can find out about all those quintessential Colorado properties that everyone raves about. Not only do they know the Colorado you love, they immerse themselves in the forward-thinking direction of our economy making them the best advisor for your specific needs. Stop in and see our current homes and properties for sale.

  • 428 Main Street, Grand Junction, CO, USA
  • 970-256-9700
  • Open for Another 5.5 Hours Today
  • Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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