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There’s only five ways people get to your website.

When they do, you want them to do one of three things.

When it comes to spreading awareness about your business online, we see a lot of ideas and suggestions, but the demand for internet marketing services is so high and the general knowledge so low that “snake oil” salesmen abound in the world of web development and online marketing. The big picture is often unknown or overlooked in favor of the latest money making idea, widget, or trend. Before you spend another $ on anything internet related, call or stop by for an explanation of the 5 ways and the 3 things “big picture”.  If you’re just starting out we’ll help you understand what’s important vs what’s minor vs what’s frivolous. If you’re well established we’ll show you how to tell if you’re getting the correct “bang for your buck” and not wasting money or time.

We’re passionate about local business, downtown, non-profits, and internet success stories. 

Call or stop by for a free consultation – we’re happy to help.

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