Grand Junction Smartphone Repair

In 2011, Jeremy Marshall started Grand Junction Smartphone Repair, an offshoot of
his already successful Rapid Fire Gaming video console repair business.
Today, GJ Smartphone Repair is the Grand Valley’s premier service hub for phone,
gaming and tech gadget repairs. We are the valley’s leading independent iPhone,
Droid, Windows phone repair business in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. We fix
all brand of tablets, music players, video game consoles, and any tech gadgets you
can think of. You can expect the best repair for the best value and we don’t charge
for diagnosis.

GJ Smartphone Repair repairs broken:

  • screens (glass-only and full assembly)
  • charging ports
  • headphone jacks
  • camera lenses
  • ear speakers
  • home buttons

Plus, we replace batteries and can do full-color conversion customization for your
phone. Buy the parts and we will install.
We have a 30-day warranty if that helps you sleep better, but really, whatever
problem you may have with our service, we will always make it right. We use OEM
high-quality parts – not cheap, knock-off parts that are unreliable.


Jeremy didn’t just pick this up as a side hobby.
He has 18+ years as a professional electronics technician.
Since moving to Grand Junction in 2001, he’s been the
valley’s go-to source for video game console repair.

If it has a circuit board or power supply, he can fix it.

Becoming an electronics repair technician grew out of Jeremy’s early predilection of
playing and collecting video games and computers. After all, who, but him, was
going to fix his many consoles and tech gadgets?
That led him to pursue schooling, working in the private sector, and now owning his own business.
He truly believes in finding something you love and figuring a way to get paid for it.

  • 300 Main Street, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA
  • 970-640-1348
  • Open for Another 4.5 Hours Today
  • Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Does not Accept Downtown Gift Cards