From the CAT Members : Downtown Plan of Development

Colin St.Clair Downtown Grand Junction Resident   My wife Carrie and I are not from Grand Junction. In fact, neither of us are from Colorado. I grew up just outside of Washington D.C., and Carrie in the thumb of Michigan. … Read More

Certifiably ‘Cool’ – GROWL Agency

When you think “coolest company”, what do you think? Google headquarters probably pops into your mind. You know, the company that uses slides instead of stairs and bean bags instead of office chairs.  GROWL Agency is continuously changing what it … Read More

Dash Around : A True Story

Every now and then, we hear from our community on services and fun things happening Downtown. This time, we had a few friends that hit the town for a birthday celebration and Teresa, the writer of the blog, captured their … Read More

Discover Downtown : Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley Art Gallery has been within the Grand Junction community for 4 years – and in that time, has established itself as no ordinary gallery.  Not only does Uncanny serve refreshers (such as wine & beer), but they’re also … Read More

Behind the Market : Bubbly Chicks

Mid June through September, markets on main can get blazing hot. Like really hot. If you’re looking for a fun, new delicious way to cool down The Bubbly Chicks have you covered!  The soda stop that started selling in May … Read More

Behind the Market : Mosher Talley Farms

During the Market season from June to September, Downtown Grand Junction is a place where the community (and visitors!) come together. It’s a time to celebrate our Valley, and for 12 weeks, we’re all united by entertainment, sunny weather, dining … Read More

Discover Downtown : The Feisty Pint

  The family friendly pub and grill, Feisty Pint, located at 359 Colorado Avenue – is a spot to put on your ‘must check out’ list. This bar and grill really does have it all. Feisty Pint is the only … Read More

A Sweet Treat : Candytime Shoppe

  Everyone always has a craving for some sort of sweets and when you’re looking for just that, Candytime Shoppe in Downtown has you. This candy shop has everything, jelly beans, soda floats, truffles, macaroons and that’s just a few … Read More