Bikes and Gear Bring Christmas Cheer!!! Brandon’s Outdoor Shopping Guide.


  • GRASSROOTS CYCLES carries Transition Bikes including this awesome Patrol which is ready to shred the gnar!

  • GRASSROOTS CYCLES has you the gear to make you look fast even if you aren't including this awesome TLD gear!

  • GRASSROOTS CYCLES has a wide array of armor, which is must for any lunch loops ride!

  • RUBY CANYON CYCLES has these awesome coil Specialized Enduro's and Stumpy's with carbon wheels all for under $6k!

  • RUBY CANYON CYCLES has new Specialized tires in 2.6 width, wider is definitely better!

  • RUBY CANYON CYCLES has new Flux lights from Specialized with 1200 lumens so you can keep your ride stoke on regardless of the time of day!

  • GEAR JUNCTION has a wide array of used skis available to meet any budget, don't worry winter is definitely coming!

  • GEAR JUNCTION has a great selection of jackets and winter gear to keep you warm when the temps drop!

  • GEAR JUNCTION is the spot for stylin' gloves that will set you apart at the trails!

  • BROWN CYCLES has some funky jerseys that will add pizzazz to your trail get up!

  • BROWN CYCLES has a wide variety of cycling accessories to class up your ride including Brooks saddles as well as beverage accessories like flasks and bottles!

  • BROWN CYCLES has these awesome Trek Stache's, perfect for the cyclist who wants the simplicity of a hardtail along with the latest bike technology like plus tires and dropper post

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