Art on the Corner (AOTC) is a year-round outdoor sculpture exhibit displayed in Downtown Grand Junction and is one of the first of its kind in the country. The display is free to the public and includes more than 100 sculptures in a variety of mediums and styles. Established in 1984 by local sculptor, Dave Davis, Art on the Corner has become a cultural icon in Downtown Grand Junction. The program has been recognized and mimicked in communities across the world and is currently celebrating its 35th year. The collection consists of permanent sculptures and an annual temporary exhibit. Temporary pieces are for sale to the public and can be purchased by calling 970.245.9697.


The 2019 Call for Artists:

The Downtown Grand Junction Art on the Corner is pleased to announce the annual temporary public sculpture exhibit which is open to all sculpture artists. The sculpture must be an original creation by the artists. Interested artists are required to submit an application along with  images of your piece via the CaFE website at The deadline for submission is Monday, August 5, 2019.



  • Seismogram

    by Joe Forrest Sackett - $12,000

  • Affirmation Station

    by Timothy C. Flood - $8,000

  • Skyline

    by Kyle Ocean - $12,000

  • Taffeta

    by Reven Marie Swanson - $18,000

  • Picasso's Violin

    by Jodie Bliss - $18,000

  • Xeriscape

    by Suzanne Kane - $8,000

  • Short Stack

    by Andrew Libertone - $5,000

  • Forces at Play V

    by Michael Ford Dunton - $13,000

  • Untitled

    by Pavia Justinian & Dave Davis - Not for Sale

  • 'Climate Change is a Myth'

    by Shana Allen - $1,500

  • Revivification

    by Zach Tabb - $4,500

  • Four, Three, Two, One

    by Joe Forrest Sackett - $10,000

  • In a Hurry to Extinction

    by Nikki Cook - $8,000

  • Canyon Cirque

    by Frank Morbillo - $18,000

  • Chief Eye-Heart-Gut

    by Jimmy Descant - $15,000

  • The Ambiguous Family

    by Joe Norman - $7,550

Photos: 2018/2019 AOTC Temporary Exhibit