Art on the Corner (AOTC) is a year-round outdoor sculpture exhibit displayed in Downtown Grand Junction and is one of the first of its kind in the country. The display is free to the public and includes more than 100 sculptures in a variety of mediums and styles. Established in 1984 by local sculptor, Dave Davis, Art on the Corner has become a cultural icon in Downtown Grand Junction. The program has been recognized and mimicked in communities across the world and is currently celebrating its 32nd year. The collection consists of permanent sculpture and an annual temporary exhibit. Temporary pieces are for sale to the public and can be purchased by calling 970.245.9697.

The Grand Junction Art on the Corner Program invites artists to participate in the 33rd annual Art on the Corner Temporary Exhibit. The installation of the exhibit will take place on Saturday, October 7, 2017, and will be displayed for one year in Downtown Grand Junction. Artists are required to deliver their artwork on the day of installation. An artist’s reception will be held the evening of Saturday, October 7, 2017 to celebrate the new exhibit. The submission deadline is Friday, August 11, 2017.  See attached application and program information at bottom of page.

The 2017 AOTC Show will be curated by Avery Glassman:  Avery Glassman has served as the Programs and Exhibitions Curator at the Western Colorado Center for the Arts since 2014, where she has organized such exhibitions as Autographic, Spirit Flowchart, Behind the Lens, The Two of Us, A Wild Still, Bliss Fishing, Material Limits, and the Art Center’s Contemporary Clay and Mixed Media biennials. Specifically with regard to sculpture and installation art, she has worked with artists Jake Allee, Dmitri Obergfell, Charmaine Locke, Araan Schmidt, James Surls, Steve Hilton, Jamie Bardsley, Lyle Nichols, and Silvya Manquero. Previously, she worked at the Driehaus Museum in Chicago. Avery earned her BA in Art History from Macalester College.

  • espiritu libre

    "Espiritu Libre" by Harold Link

  • the conversation

    "The Conversation" by Damian Radice

  • left behind

    "Left Behind" by Zach Tabb

  • Sun Worshippers

    “Sun Worshippers” by Jeff Fasnacht

  • time storage system

    "Time Storage System" by Bill Viehlehr

  • Version 2

    "Sigma" by Pavia Justinian

  • gaia

    "GAIA" by Patricia Gibson

  • bliss

    "Bliss" by Emmarie Art, LLC


    "Rhino Iguana" by Sue Ariniello

  • logarythm

    "Logarythm" by Joe Burleigh


    "Strife" by Emmarie Art, LLC

  • the naturalist

    "The Naturalist" by Bobbie Carlyle


    "Cultural Pedestrians" by Sue Quinlan

  • de colores

    "De Colores" by Huberto Maestas

  • jack and co

    "Jack & Co." by Gary Alsum

  • lets ride

    "Let's Ride" by Thad Tuin

  • WWII Flyers Memorial

    “WWII Flyers Memorial” by Robert Henderson

Photos: 2016/2017 AOTC Temporary Exhibit